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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask

Note: My lovely sister Hannah Freeman tested this on my behalf as after a patch test my skin was just too sensitive for this product! I was gutted as you will soon see below she LOVED this product! 


After a weekend of abusing my skin with too many late nights and alcohol I thought it deserved a real treat in the form of Alpha-H’s ‘Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask’.

On application, the face mask feels rich and creamy, exactly like a luxe product should! A big fan of lavender infused products I expected a stronger aroma, yet this was more subtle, almost clinical which some may prefer.  I noticed a tingling sensation as soon as it touched my skin which reminded me to adhere to the strict instructions of washing off after 10 minutes. Removing the mask was easy, all I used was a little warm water and a gently massaged with my fingertips- no buffing needed  My skin felt uber cleansed  with no post mask residue. I was very happy, and surprised by the results: my skin looked super clear and really plumped up, so much so that the omnipresent crease on my forehead (a constant sign of dehydrated skin my facialist regularly informs me) virtually disappeared.  My skin literally looked like I’d had another 8 hours sleep.  I can’t ever remember a facial having such a drastic and instant effect, whilst I’d warn the more sensitive skin types to try a patch test beforehand, I’m now a devoted fan of this miracle skin product!

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